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Educational Initiatives believes in making a difference in education through personalized learning and ensuring that students learn with understanding.

It’s better than anything I’ve ever seen in 15 years of educational research.

Economist Karthik Muralidharan
(IGC Conference, 2016)

What Ei-Mindspark does using Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Analytics etc. is to make it possible to these children to learn on an individual basis, where it's user friendly, where they can get prizes like sparkies and what's equally exciting is how wonderfully it is leveraging the capabilities and the energies of the teachers. And what's been extraordinary to me is how engaged the children are and these are the children from very difficult backgrounds.

Paul Flowerman
Chairman & Executive Director

I saw the potential in using Ei-Mindspark. So we took it and there was no looking back. Mindspark is hugely popular with the parents, the children and the teachers. Though we have changed many other resources, Mindspark has stayed.

Asha Alexander
GEMS Legacy School

One of the interventions tried in Rajasthan-Mindspark, which is run by a private company, has proved effective with science and math learning for kids. It identifies the stage at which the child is and takes him or her to the next level through a personalised learning journey.

Nobel Laureate Abhijit V Banerjee
Professor of Economics at MIT and Co-Chair of the Global Education Evidence

Qurat Ul Absar
Teacher (Primary)

I believe that every child deserves to learn at their own pace and Ei Mindspark's adaptive logic ensures that no child is left behind. As a teacher I enjoy Ei Mindspark as I can keep track of my students and how many questions they are doing, where they made mistakes and can discuss the same.

Priyanka Gopinath
Parent (Grade 4)

We, parents of Priyanka, have seen that Priyanka shows great involvement in solving math problems using the Mindspark online platform. Solving problems in Ei Mindspark enables our daughter to reinforce the mathematical concepts taught in school.

Simmy Alosious
Student (Grade 6)

Ei Mindspark allows each student to follow a learning path based on his or her current level of understanding. Application level questions are included in each topic and students are interested to do all types of questions as they are receiving Sparkies as their reward.

Isra Sarah
Student (Grade 4)

Using Ei Mindspark on a regular basis has helped me to practice further the basis of mathematics being taught at school. The quizzes and the challenging question makes it very interesting.

Isa Shaikh
Student (Grade 6)

I think Ei Mindspark is a really educational and fun platform to learn Math, unlike any other I have seen. The sparkies which we earn when completing test assignments will make us go deeper into the lesson and will be more active to do more lessons. So, for me, Ei Mindspark is a HUGE THUMBS UP!

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